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Accused of massive foul plays, no inquiry has yet been started against a former MD NHM; NHM becomes a hub of brazen corruption – Poonch Today
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Accused of massive foul plays, no inquiry has yet been started against a former MD NHM; NHM becomes a hub of brazen corruption

Accused of massive foul plays, no inquiry has yet been started against a former MD NHM; NHM becomes a hub of brazen corruption



JAMMU: Although the union government tried its best to strengthen health care infrastructure in the UT of J&K through NHM, the tainted officials, including some MDs, had other plans, and that was to wreak havoc on government funds through different schemes. Many MDs were involved in running a big nexus in the NHM by giving open favor to selective firms for various works, but they were not taken to task by the government. For this reason, a few officers of the Commissioner/Secretary level in the health department too enjoyed the bounty from the office of the MD NHM.

Thanks to the selfish and money-minded approach adopted by a few MDs, the NHM has usually become an institution of big financial blunders, and its roots are also lying at district and block levels, where open frauds under different schemes were also reported. One of the MDs also scripted various foul plays and was involved in the fraudulent passing of massive financial bills in gross violation of the rules. During his tenure, bills ranging from several lakhs to crores were released in favor of some firms, in which many CMOs were also involved. On the recommendation of the MD in question, some tainted CMOs were also awarded by their respective administrations. The whole nexus was operating right from directorate to district and block level, in which massive setbacks were given to the government exchequer. Earlier, the NHM Directorate Jammu was accused of massive fraud under the BEEMP program, in which funds in crores were released in favor of some blue-eyed firms without carrying out an audit at the district to UT level. In many schemes, NHM authorities were seen hitting bulls eyes financially through fraud means. The MD in question was instrumental in setting up a transfer industry in NHM where every transfer was made after hand-in-glove activities. A blood relative of a former MD was the player who used to play all roles on behalf of the said MD from behind the curtains. According to highly placed sources of “POONCH TODAY” in the NHM directorate, Jammu said that the blue-eyed relative of the MD was the main person who used to script commission deals with various firms. Some more sensational details available with “POONCH TODAY” show that the behavior of the same MD during office hours sometimes remained unparliamentary on account of some illegal financial activities and work pressure. Although transfers in NHM are not possible, the said MD spared no moments and was seen openly supporting the transfer industry in NHM in lieu of hefty returns. Reports say that the same set of frauds were also carried out in the State Health Agency and Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) schemes. On account of his open involvement in financial frauds, the government shifted the said MD to some insignificant posting, and a plan to initiate an inquiry was also made, but due to some political backing and other top pressures, the said inquiry was not properly initiated to detect the foul plays scripted by the said officer during his posting as MD NHM, and it’s a big question mark for the government. Even after his shifting to other places, the said blood relative of the former MD NHM is reportedly still active and used to play shorts from behind the curtains for the same officer, who is now holding an important posting in the UT administration, and his subordinates used to be contacted by the said blood relative in a unique way with a direction to meet the top officer for various favors. The NHM directorate has become a money-mining machine for crooked officials, but the government has not yet ordered an inquiry to detect massive foul plays scripted by some influential MDs. Employees who were recruited for a particular job are seen doing other jobs. Even various NHM recruitments remained under a big question mark on account of allegations of corruption in ignoring meritorious candidates and giving preference to less deserving candidates. Successive MDs and other officials of the NHM Directorate, with their full patronage of CMOs and Medical Superintendents of various hospitals at district and block levels, are seen running a big nexus that runs into several crores, but shockingly, no inquiry was ever ordered on the brazen murdering of government funds. Will the government initiate an inquiry, financial year-wise, from bottom to top, over the role played by some tainted MDs of NHM? Only time will tell.



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