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Students of M/S Bawli in  Nangali zone suffer due to  negligence of ZEO Nangali – Poonch Today
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Students of M/S Bawli in  Nangali zone suffer due to  negligence of ZEO Nangali


Students of M/S Bawli in  Nangali zone suffer due to  negligence of ZEO Nangali

Students of M/S Bawli in  Nangali zone suffer due to  negligence of ZEO Nangali



POONCH: Despite bringing into the notice of ZEO Nangali several times by school authorities of M/S Bawli and locals of the area regarding people diverted their toilet waste in the land of government middle school resulting in creation of unhygienic conditions for the school children and staff members, ZEO Nangali has adopted careless attitude even after having full information on sufferings of students, she is doing nothing, thereby risking the health of students of the said school. The matter was brought into the notice of high ups of education department Poonch by school authorities time and again, but conceited attitude of authorities shows that they have no concern for the health of school going children’s. Earlier, a former headmaster submitted a report to CEO Poonch vide letter to GMS/B/221-22 dt 17/12/16, said, that he approached senior district officers to stop the violators for throwing toilet waste/waste water in the school premises, but without any action till date. Even on the complaints of the headmaster, CEO approached the senior district/ concerned tehsil officers (CEO letter No CEO/P/legal/29031-34 dt 7/1/17 to SSP) to refrain the violators from throwing wastes in the school premises, but without any action. Former headmaster approached several officers in this matter which includes SHO Poonch, representation of school staff to SHO, Poonch (vide No:GMS/B/240-47 dt 25/3/17); letter of Naib Tehsildar Bandi Chechian to SHO for action (vide No: NTBC/418/dt 16/3/17); Naib Tehsildar notice to violators (vide No: NTBC/401/ dt 2/3/17, but without any result on the ground.  ZEO Nangali also visited the school twice and  found that unhygienic conditions erupted due to toilet waste / waste water near kitchen shed of the school and office room has been creating big health threats for the children as well as for the school staff, but no action on the ground till now. Reportedly, ZEO Nangali also did not take action against establishment of a service station opposite school which is creating problems for staff and students of M/S Bawli. Moreover, a Teacher who was deputed for construction of a bathroom along with septic tank failed to construct the septic tank but withdrew funds from ZEO office with the involvement of officials of ZEO office, even without constructing the necessary septic tank and it shows that despite having many illegal activities going on under her table, ZEO Nangali has failed to ensure justice for the students of M/s Bawli in Nangali zone.  “Even after having full information on sufferings of students of M/S Bawli and despite lapse of more than one and half years, no action has been taken yet on the issue and it shows the inefficiency of authorities here  who have  stopped doing anything on the matter and government should transfer them as the are proving a liability on this department and has done nothing for the education  department in any respect”, alleged locals.

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