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Huge blunders carried out in PHE Poonch, X.En violates RTI act sensing trouble – Poonch Today
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Huge blunders carried out in PHE Poonch, X.En violates RTI act sensing trouble


Huge blunders carried out in PHE Poonch, X.En violates RTI act sensing trouble

Huge blunders carried out in PHE Poonch, X.En violates RTI act sensing trouble




POONCH: Majority of frauds which were carried out in PHE Poonch  and remained mostly under the carpet, now have started to come out, thanks to those PHE Officials who scripted various financial frauds over the years, particularly during the last two years during the tenure of incumbent Executive Engineer who said many times that he was having a strong backing from a former officer who is holding a major post in this UT administration. X.En said this many times to hoodwink those who were planning to expose his misdeeds with the help of a HD who is calling shorts openly in PHE. Highly place sources in the department said that a strong “Jugalbandi” between Executive Engineer and HD has spoiled the reputation of PHE on account of corruption.  During last few financial years,  huge frauds were committed in PHE Poonch in which successive Executive Engineers and the incumbent X.En were responsible. After exposure of frauds in PHE by “POONCH TODAY” in its last edition,  X.En issued fresh NIT for works few days back and by this way, he has accepted indirectly that huge illegal allotments were made during the last one year without the knowledge of others to favour his close contactors.  A RTI applicant approached the department to know details of NIT of loading/Unloading of material(Pipes, Cement, Tar steel, Mechanical motors, pumps and fitting material) in the divisional store and site of working during the financial years 2018-19. He also asked for detail of contractors and firms who were allotted contracts of loading and unloading of material. Sensing trouble, XEn PHE Poonch, who discussed the matter with his HD, decided to violate the RTI act, fearing exposure of their misdeeds. The aggrieved applicant approached S.E PHE who is first appellate authority, but even, he got no respite form the higher authority. The horrible state of affairs in PHE shows that X.En and HD have destroyed the department from financial frauds points of view.    Sources also said that huge number of illegal bills were passed  during the months of February and March 2019. In many cases, there is no record available or the authorities hesitate to provide the record to RTI applicant because they know fully that huge blunders were carried out in PHE Department Poonch. Data, which is available with “POONCH TODAY” shows that huge frauds have taken place in PHE during recent times. X.EN and HD, who are fully aware of each of their misdeeds, have decided to hoodwink all by giving lame excuses. Silently, large number of PHE officials are showing their resentment against X.En and HD  as they alleged that the main focus of X.EN and HD is to mint capital by all means, least bothering about rules and regulations. They also alleged that X.En never gave true picture of his department to government, rather he preferred to indulge in beating around the bush. A high level inquiry is needed from government to investigate the allegations of corruption leveled by Contactors against the Executive Engineer PHE Poonch and his trusted HD, who is said  to be the main partner in various financial frauds.

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