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Question mark on Police as large number of cases lying unattended in Rajouri, Poonch; People waiting for justice – Poonch Today
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Question mark on Police as large number of cases lying unattended in Rajouri, Poonch; People waiting for justice


Question mark on Police as large number of cases lying unattended in Rajouri, Poonch; People waiting for justice

Question mark on Police as large number of cases lying unattended in Rajouri, Poonch; People waiting for justice


RAJOURI: It’s a crystal clear fact that majority of personalities from forth estate prefer to have good relations with police with an aim to safeguard their interest in the longer run and due to this attitude, they do injustice with the fourth estate whose main job is to present the truth, even from beneath the debris. Such professionals hesitate to bring in public domain the weak points of Police and as a result, few Police officers enjoy this weakness on part of majority of fourth estate players by adopting use and throw policy.  Anyhow, all are not chips of the same block. However, with the alleged interference of some senior police officials in many police cases registered in various police stations of twin districts of Rajouri and Poonch, the pace of investigations has become totally  negligible due to which the common people have been  facing huge hardship to get justice. Sources told “POONCH TODAY” that there are number of cases in both the districts, which have not been progressing from investigation point of views due to alleged obstruction in investigations created by the some police officials just to save their favourites resulting in poor and genuine people are being harassed.

It has been alleged that senior officials instructed concerned SHOs to slow down the pace of the investigations to soften   weight-age of the case so that concerned may not stand at the court of law or compelling the complainant to go for compromise. At time, they also adopt the method of lingering on the case investigation with the motive to discourage the complainant so that they may stop following the case progress also.

They further said that after getting dejected due to casual approach of the lower rank officials at Police Station level, whenever complainant approach the senior most cops to seek justice, but it has seen that these influential and arrogant officials even don’t listen to their seniors and continue to interfere.

Referring to a case, wherein a newly married girl was attacked by the in-laws in one of the district in full public view, despite  the case was registered in the concerned police station but no progress could be made by police in investigation due to alleged interfere of a senior official as he was very friend of husband of victim.

“The victim was abandoned by her husband just after three days of her marriage but when she resisted, she used to be beaten up by the husband, who is said to be studying at Kashmir University, forced her to give divorce. Later she returned to her mother’s house and one day family members of her husband including    her brother-in-law attacked her in broad day light but escaped arrest,” they said.

Shockingly, the concerned police denied lodging complaint initially, but after strong resistance and efforts of the victim’s family members, police had to lodge FIR and made arrest but astonishingly, a senior official came in rescue of culprit family and put pressure on them to withdraw the case, and set one of attacker free just on base of written apology.

Meanwhile, alleged senior official conspired against the victim family and got registered a fake case in one of police station to put pressure on the victim’s family. When this matter reached to the SSP of that district, he found many shortcomings in the cases registered by and directed to quash the both FIRs but interestingly, the police quashed FIR which was lodged by victim’s family but didn’t quashed the other case on victim’s father due to pressure of alleged senior official.

Likewise, there are some big cases in Poonch district, which are still unattended and people are eagerly waiting to know the real truth behind those cases. In an another example, many attempts were made  against this newspaper from some anti social and anti national elements and despite brining it into the notice of police, no action has been taken yet against  those forces. But, when this newspaper started presenting truth through social media, a senior Police officer under pressure of some anti social elements,  tried to harass this newspaper and this clearly shows that Police believes in a adopting different yardsticks as per its self interest and has no concern for the merit of the case. It has been observed that to present their clean image among high ups of J&K Police, majority of Police officers prefer to play different tactics to shows that their district is crime free, but the truth is something else, and if this attitude of Police in Rajouri and Poonch continue to remain the same, then the common man will loose faith in the institution of justice.


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