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J&K Bank has played a remarkable role during COVID-19 crisis and credit goes to its Chairman – Poonch Today
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J&K Bank has played a remarkable role during COVID-19 crisis and credit goes to its Chairman


J&K Bank has played a remarkable role during COVID-19 crisis and credit goes to its Chairman

J&K Bank has played a remarkable role during COVID-19 crisis and credit goes to its Chairman


POONCH: Premier Banking institution of the J&K UT and a trustworthy name among the residents of J&K UT, J&K Bank has come up to the entire satisfaction of the people of Jammu and Kashmir during COVID-19 crisis, particularly  in Poonch and Rajouri districts.

When the nation wide lockdown was announced after the eruption of Corona, people remained indoor and during lockdown, majority of people were also suffering from different issues and one of the issue was related to banking transactions. When government gave some relief in COVID-19 restrictions and to ensure opening of some emergency services to provide convenience to the people to carry out their routine activities of emergent nature, J&K Bank came into picture  and started provided remarkable customer services to the people in Poonch and Rajouri district. As working during COVID-19 crisis was a difficult and risky task for all the employees of J&K Bank, but the dedication and professionalism shown by each and every employee of J&K Bank, proved as a blessing in disguise for people. “POONCH TODAY” team visited few branches of J&K Bank, namely Main branch Poonch, Bus stand branch, S.K Bridge branch, Pay counter Poonch, Lassana branch, Mandi Branch, Mendhar Branch, Main Branch Rajouri and few other branches in twin border districts of Poonch and Rajouri, and witnessed huge rush of people outside the bank branches and despite having huge risk of COVID-19 infection, staff of J&K Bank managed everything beyond expectations by following COVID-19 protocol properly. Outside Mandi branch of J&K Bank, people were used to assemble like a political procession and Bank employees were doing their duties with full risk of getting infected, but considering customer satisfaction on priority, majority of J&K Bank employees did their job in a professional manner and up to the satisfaction of customers of J&K Bank. During the COVID-19 crisis, many J&K Bank employees were hit badly by COVID-19 and despite facing corona related illness, J&K Bank employees never compromised with the reputation of premier banking institution of the J&K UT and were seen providing complete banking services to the people. Even, large number of J&K Bank employees were tested positive and were also seen working during tough times when their bodies did not allow them to do hard work. Heavy rush of customers outside Main Branch and Pay counter  of J&K Bank Poonch was a routine affair  and sometimes, Police was called to manage the rush, but every customer reportedly was provided backing services during the high voltage COVID-19 crisis and the credit for this goes to Chairman of J&K Bank R.K Chibber, who after becoming head of J&K Bank, infused new life by introducing transparency and customer friendly polices. Although, employees of Health and Police departments were  described as Corona warrior, but completely ignoring the services rendered by J&K Bank employees during the crisis,  is nothing but an act of partiality on part of various social and other organizations, which were seeing praising officials of Health and Police departments only. J&K Bank deserves award for the services given to customer during COVID-19 crisis and slight delay in it will led to losing of morale of each and every bank employee, who worked round the clock, despite risking lives of employees, in the interest of customer and reputation of the bank..

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