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Outlandish! Achievements of J&K police, sportspersons stand nowhere for DDC Chairperson; Eyebrows raised on the management of republic day – Poonch Today
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Outlandish! Achievements of J&K police, sportspersons stand nowhere for DDC Chairperson; Eyebrows raised on the management of republic day


Outlandish! Achievements of J&K police, sportspersons stand nowhere for DDC Chairperson; Eyebrows raised on the management of republic day

Outlandish! Achievements of J&K police, sportspersons stand nowhere for DDC Chairperson; Eyebrows raised on the management of republic day


POONCH: The recently concluded Republic Day 2023 function has raised eyebrows about the proper management of the national event. First, the speech of the DDC chairperson was not at all impressive, as it contained some big lies and some developmental claims that were unmatched by the facts on the ground. It was not a neutral speech, with attempts made to please a particular reflection.

Moreover, the contribution of the Poonch police on the terrorism and drug fronts was not mentioned in the speech of the DDC chairperson. Even some police personnel were seen showing a cold shoulder to the speech of the DDC chairperson. Aside from the police, athletes from various recognised sports such as cricket, hockey, boxing, volleyball, Kabaddi, and handball criticised the DDC Chairperson for ignoring their massive national achievements. It is important to mention here that during the last year, Rydham Sharma brought laurels to the Poonch district with his selection in the U-25 JKCA team by the BCCI. Urvashi Sharma became the first woman cricketer from Poonch to be selected for the U-23 JKCA women’s cricket team. Likewise, Toheed Ahmed, Farheen Anjum, Mehnaz Akhter, and Abhilove Kour proved their mettle with selection in different teams of the JKCA. In hockey, ten players, namely Shabina Parveen, Sanjana Yadave, Shaista Majid, Akshara Dutta, Haiqa Bandey, Sohail Ahmed, Shoib Mughal, Zahid Shabir, Noib Mughal, and Jameel Ahmed, played in the junior and sub-junior women’s nationals at Manipur. Sohail Ahmed of Poonch  was selected for the Indian police team for an interdepartmental tournament at Bangalore organised by Hockey India. In boxing, five players  namely Mohd Zahid, Ateek Ul Rehman, Mehrose Ahmed, Abhay Raina, and Zafar Iqbal, participated in the Junior National Boxing Championship and the 6th Elite Men’s National Boxing Championship in Haryana. In Kabaddi, five players, namely Mujeeb Ul Rehman, Wasim Bhat, Sajid Ali, Umer Kamran, and Avais Shamim, represented J&K in A grade tournaments and the Junior National Championship. In handball,  four players, namely  Mohd Tahir, Mohd Safeer, Mohd Shaid, and Prajwal Atri, played in the Khelo India youth game and in the Junior Nationals at Telangana, while in volleyball, three players, namely Musharif Khan, Mohd Hafeez, and Ayaz Ahmed Madni, played in the 48th Junior National Championship. Moreover, Saqlian Tariq has been representing India at the international level, but he too found no mention of his achievements in the speech. These 33 players who brought laurels for Poonch district last year in various games failed to listen to a single word of appreciation in the speech of the DDC Chairperson, while some sports persons alleged that little known games got the attention of the DDC Chairperson while recognised games did not. The services of various senior players in promoting different games were not even mentioned in the speech prepared by the administration, and it shows that only a pick and choose policy was adopted at the cost of ignoring the merit. While entering the premises of the Republic Day function, some members of the media were also treated harshly. The jury members of republic day function were not taken to task for their utter negligence and for favouring their blue eyed institution for top ranked awards. Item, which was performed last year and repeated this time by violating the guidelines, again got the top award. The awards reportedly were not given on the basis of total merit, as it raised a big question mark on some of the jury members.  The function was full of many loopholes, as sycophants were given preference in every way over merit. According to previous practices, some large government institutions and important places were not properly decorated and illuminated. Poonch police officials, who played a big role in tackling drug and terrorism, were not appreciated in the speech of the DDC Chairperson, and it shows that the DDC Chairperson was not aware of all aspects of governance and the meritorious performances of some people in different fields, due to her lack of knowledge of administrative procedure and different developmental subjects which comes under the purview of governance. This was the reason that she just read the speech that was given to her by the administration without inquiring about the facts on the ground and it’s outlandish. The administration’s enthusiasm for commemorating the national event was completely lacking, as it turned out to be merely a time-passing exercise. Will the administration justify the contents of the DDC Chairperson’s speech on the ground with 100% proof by presenting a department-wise white paper? The answer lies in a big “no,” because the administration tried to shoot in the air while considering people not aware of the facts. The whole programme brought the reputation of civil administration to a new low in the eyes of the common man. A high level inquiry is needed on the issue to know why the said national function was full of various loopholes.



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