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Question mark! Local JKAS officers love to serve in their home district – Poonch Today
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Question mark! Local JKAS officers love to serve in their home district


Question mark! Local JKAS officers love to serve in their home district

Question mark! Local JKAS officers love to serve in their home district


POONCH: A majority of JKAS officers of Poonch district were seen spending their time mostly in the district at various places, and the same practice is still going on, thereby raising a big question mark on their professional competence. A few of them have been enjoying posting in a particular and important place for years and are reportedly involved in questionable practices. Some have used political influence, and some have their masters sitting in the civil secretariat and in some important government postings. A few are efficient and not rewarded by the government, but some have big-headed traits and low tolerance power. They know that Poonch district is a hot spot, and that’s why they use every trick to manage their postings in various departments. Even some officers, who were posted outside the district and were known for their dubious credentials, were seen managing their posting again in the district. It shows that they are professionally incompetent and cannot serve in other districts of J&K, UT. Earlier, a few officers, holding important postings, remained part and parcel of various illegal acts in addition to their involvement in some debatable activities against the nation, but the shocking factor was that they were not taken to task by the government. Rather than giving them befitting retribution, the government gave them plum postings again. Their mentors sitting in the civil secretariat and other important positions in the government used to influence them out of the way to fulfill their hidden targets; as a result, many scams were scripted that are still lying beneath the carpet unattended. An officer who was earlier a blue-eyed man of some tainted forces and was seen implementing their agenda also managed a plum posting in the district, and it raised a big question mark on the intelligence agencies. Some officers who have been enjoying their positions at important places in the district for years need to be shifted to other places to give the people the impression that the government still exists on the ground, the failure of which will force the people to think that mighty people are untouchable. Reports available with “POONCH TODAY” said that an important chair in the Deputy Commissioner Office has been enjoying his post for years and is involved in multiple shady practices, but the government has not shifted him yet. A high-level inquiry is needed into the issue to find out why some local officers love to serve in Poonch district repeatedly, but at the same time, those who are efficient have not been rewarded by the government, and this issue also needs the attention of the government to raise the morale of the efficient officers.



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