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Collapsed Pakistan’s democracy is an eye-opener for the “Azaadi” gang; Thankless Kashmir leaders need self introspection – Poonch Today
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Collapsed Pakistan’s democracy is an eye-opener for the “Azaadi” gang; Thankless Kashmir leaders need self introspection


Collapsed Pakistan’s democracy is an eye-opener for the “Azaadi” gang; Thankless Kashmir leaders need self introspection

Collapsed Pakistan’s democracy is an eye-opener for the “Azaadi” gang; Thankless Kashmir leaders need self introspection



POONCH: The visible collapse of Pakistan’s democracy after the recently held elections, in which the Pak Army played a big role by crushing the people’s mandate, has given a big lesson to the “Azadi” and “Tukde-Tukde” gangs, which remained operational in Kashmir for decades. These gangs, fully backed by prominent Kashmir-based political parties, blackmailed New Delhi for decades.

Even the mainstream political parties, which remained in power in J&K, used these gangs and other anti-national forces with a similar pro-Pak ideology for their political survival, and they succeeded in their regular attempts to hoodwink New Delhi. These Kashmir-based major political parties, due to the visible weak union governments before 2014, took undue advantage and pleaded for talks with Pakistan, which has sponsored and perpetrated terrorism against India for decades. Due to the appeasement policy of previous regimes, forces inimical to peace in J&K were given a warm welcome in New Delhi for years. There was an impression among the people of the country that Pakistani lovers were active, also in important positions in the erstwhile state of J&K. The former governor of the erstwhile state of J&K, Satya Pal Malik, also once said that a large percentage of people with separatist ideologies were working in the system. The Hurriyat Conference, which remained the driving force behind pro-Pakistan ideology in J&K, used to give support to mainstream political parties in J&K and their behind-the-scenes honeymoon, which was enough to dodge the Union government time and again on many sensitive issues. In major postings in the state administration, Hurriyat cadre had a big influence. Due to their close links with the Hurriyat conference, mainstream Kashmir-based political parties always forced the Indian government to have talks with Pakistan. There was a time when Kashmir was known for stone-pelting and anti-India sentiments. Even those on constitutional posts were seen giving anti-India statements. “Ham kya chahte hain azaadi” and “Indian forces go back” slogans remained dominant for decades. The innocent people of Kashmir, through these “Azadi” and “Tukde-Tukde” gangs, were given the dream of an independent Kashmir and sought the support of the common man to fulfill the agenda of Pakistan. In every area of the Kashmir valley, even in government setups, lovers of Pakistan were seen advocating pro-Pakistan ideology. Kashmir-based political leaders that enjoyed power for decades due to the lenient approach of New Delhi, instead of a thankful approach, remained adamant about having talks with Pakistan. These forces never condemned Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, never condemned terrorist attacks on security forces, never supported J&K police and the Indian Army, never unfurled tricolor in their offices and homes, but had only one agenda, and that was to blackmail New Delhi for their personal political survival. Now, these “Azaadi” and “Tukde-Tukde” gangs, after witnessing the collapse of Pakistan’s democracy at the hands of the Pak Army, must have realized their mistake of remaining unfaithful to the Indian government for decades. Prominent political leaders of Kashmir, who enjoyed power for decades, must be thankful to God for giving them birth in the Indian territory. For years, they targeted the union government on many false pretexts and said that there was no democracy in India, but after looking at the state of affairs in Pakistan, these thankless Kashmir-based leaders, who were shown their true position strongly by the present union government after the abrogation of Article 370, have maintained a pin-drop silence on the latest developments in Pakistan, and due to their double standard, they have been exposed time and again. They are lucky that they are Indian citizens, but they seem to have not realized this yet after seeing the visible collapse of Pakistani democracy. Will they continue to support the pro-Pakistan ideology in the future, too? The answer is likely to be yes, because these thankless leaders have only one agenda, and that is to fulfill their political motives and nothing else. But time has changed now, and there is a tough union government at the center whose zero-tolerance policy against terrorism and anti-nationals is working properly on the ground. The common man of Kashmir is happy with the development, but “Azaadi” and “Tukde-Tukde” gangs now have no future, and it would be better for all traditional gangs that always stood for anti-India sentiments to fall in line, or else they will be given befitting retribution by the government of India in times to come, because PM Narenda Modi, the other day, in parliament, clearly said that during the third term of the NDA Government, a number of tough decisions will be taken that would have an impact on the coming one thousand years. So all unfaithful leaders and some anti-national gangs that always stood against the Indian interest by toeing the pro-Pakistan line need to mend their ways and enjoy true Indian democracy legally, or else their horrible fall from their once powerful existence is clearly visible in the near future.


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