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Those questioning nationalist News Channels are showing their frustration and dubious character; Sudhir, Arnab are “Nationalist Media Icons” – Poonch Today
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Those questioning nationalist News Channels are showing their frustration and dubious character; Sudhir, Arnab are “Nationalist Media Icons”


Those questioning nationalist News Channels are showing their frustration and dubious character; Sudhir, Arnab are “Nationalist Media Icons”

Those questioning nationalist News Channels are showing their frustration and dubious character; Sudhir, Arnab are “Nationalist Media Icons”



POONCH: For nationalist forces, nothing is more important than an issue of national security. They say that truth is the most powerful weapon on earth and it cannot be challenged by any means or various pleas with mala fide intentions, but from past some time, huge attempts are going on from vested interest operating in the county to destabilize those Media persons of nationalist character, who always stand with truth and national security and always believe in exposing those few forces, whose main interest remained to stand against the interest of the country.

Because of speaking bitter truth, Sudhir Choudhary of ZEE News and Arnab Goswami of Republic are considered as “Nationalist Media Icons” and to some extent, dwindled between hate and love, because a very large chunk of nationalist population love  them and only those, who stand with anti India narrative hate them, but that doesn’t matter, because to a hardcore nationalist journalist, country’s interest is supreme and not facing hatred.  On the name of “Freedom of Speech”, country has witnessed huge injustice in various forms and the nation is fully aware of the character of those few forces who are continuously targeting the integrity of the country through their various poorly scripted dramas and fake narratives based on wrong mindset, which we have been witnessing from the last few years. Salute to journalists like Sudhir Chaudhary, Arnab Goswami, Aman Chopra, Rohit Sardana, Deepak Chaurasia, Rubika Liaqat and few others, who always prefer to do their journalism in national interest rather than giving priority to the interest of political class and few wrong forces. There is an another set of Journalists of prime time fame, who are just working for the interest of their political masters and particular vote bank section and not for the security and interest of the country.  After a long time, few nationalist media persons have shown guts to expose every wrong doing prevailing in Indian society in a brawny way for the interest of a strong India. If few institutions have been spoiling the interest of the whole country by using various pleas in a wrong way, then they should not consider the whole country as fool’s paradise and should not be allowed by the Government to mock at the silence of those working in the interest of the nation.  For many years, few political parties played vote bank politics and this has proved to be the biggest blunder of Indian political system, where huge preference was given to securing votes only and not securing national interest. After decades, there is a government in the centre which has been trying to undo the past mistakes of successive governments and has been working overtime to shape a new India and it seems that, the measures adopted by this Union government in the interest of the nation are not being digestible to few forces, whose main priority always remained to safeguard their personal interest even at the cost of sacrificing national interest and this has been proved again on Corona virus issue where Doctors and Police personals were attacked repeatedly by wrong forces of the nation. This vote bank politics which nation had witnessed for several decades was the biggest blunder in Indian history. Those media platforms which are showing guts to expose wrong forces are being targeted with open intimidation, thanks to few political parties, who gave huge shelter to such wrong forces over the years. Few forces always supported wrong narrative against the nation and are projecting themselves as sufferers to give a wrong picture of India to the whole world. These few gangs have no guts to accept the truth which is bitter. Rather than facing the truth on merit, such forces have started targeting few nationalist Journalists on social media by creating a wrong narrative that these Journalists are of wrong mindset, but, the truth is otherwise. These forces are doing their best to disturb the internal state of affairs of the country, but nationalist forces which include few nationalist media platforms, are doing their best by regularly exposing such forces. Few channels of nationalist mindset, which includes ZEE News, Republic, Aajtak, News Nation, ABP and few others, have been playing a big role for the nation and those forces who are questioning and threatening them are just showing their frustration and dubious character, because they are unable to digest the truth and various historical steps taken by the present Union government for a strong India. Nationalist approach Journalists are not communal as propagated by wrong forces of the nation, because they say that “Facts are Sacred” and truth cannot be challenged by presenting fake narrative of any kind. If some  nationalist media Icons like Arnab Goswami, Sudhir Choudary and few others, have been continuously raising the issues of national security and national Interest, then that doesn’t mean that they are of wrong mindset. In fact, they are doing a biggest service to the nation. Truth is supreme and has no religion and everybody should stand with truth as propagated by Lord Shri Krishna in Shrimad Bhagwad Gita. The contribution of these nationalist media icons like Sudhir Chaudhary and Arnab Goswami, who always stand with national interest should be recognized by all means. “POONCH TODAY” newspaper, which has been doing the same job of exposing corruption and wrong forces of the nation from the last seven years, has been facing the same situation, where few tainted politicians and officers, supported by wrong forces of the nation, which  also includes few self styled prominent citizens-cum-goons, are trying  their best to curb the bold and truthful voice of this newspaper through various unlawful tricks, but in their every attempt, they failed miserably,  because this newspaper never bowed down by any pressure and continuously doing journalism of truth in national interest. There should be no different yardstick for Media and those on chairs, when it comes to an issue of national security and truth, but still few officers, of junior and senior ranks, across the spectrum, to score their professional and interest of their few political mentors with doubtful integrity, on wrongly used plea of “Law and order”, have been trying their best to put  different types of pressure on this newspaper with an agenda of censure “POONCH TODAY” journalism of truth and national interest, without considering the fact that “Truth is Truth” and it cannot be challenged, even if the chairs prefer arrogance and issue threats. Well, those, threatening nationalist media platforms like ZEE and Republic, are just giving them more power to do their job in a more forceful and truthful way, because in the end, truth, national interest and national security matter the most and this has been proved time and again by  nationalist media icons like Sudhir Chaudhary, Arnab Goswami, and few others.

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