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Desh se gaddari! Are some government employees running across the border’s agenda? – Poonch Today
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Desh se gaddari! Are some government employees running across the border’s agenda?


Desh se gaddari! Are some government employees running across the border’s agenda?

Desh se gaddari! Are some government employees running across the border’s agenda?



POONCH: Although, India has been facing the threats from two well known external sources supported by some hidden forces for long time, but the biggest threat to the country seems to be from internal enemies who are present everywhere and seem to have running the across the border’s agenda.

During the last six years, nation has witnessed many acts from such wrong forces, which were fully against the interest of the nation. The biggest shocking factor is that a large number of government employees in J&K UT were found supporting a particular narrative which stands against the country. Former Governor J&K, Satya Pal Malik, in November 2019 said that the biggest threat to Kashmir is from a particular ideology and more than 20% of employees of that ideology work in civil secretariat.  It seems that the statement of former government was 100% right as over the years, it has been seen that some government employees(few KAS/few officers across the spectrum, high ranked officers and few staff members of Teaching faculty of Education and Higher Education Department) and some employees of few other departments are regularly targeting union government and those media persons who stand for truth and national interest. These employees, behind the curtains supported by many tainted forces, were never seen showing their reaction on all anti national acts, which include killing of locals, Police and Army personals, but wasted no opportunity to disturb peace and their anger against the union government through social media platforms by violating civil services rule at will.   The biggest setback to the government is that some KAS officers posted in Poonch, Rajouri and other districts, who are known for many questionable activities and for looting state exchequer in their different capacities during their postings in Rural Development Department, Revenue, Administration, Excise, ICDS, Transport,  are also seem to be a  part of this high profile conspiracy against the nation. Some KAS officers even described and supported the narrative that terrorists are “Freedom Fighters” and even some were seen violating Disaster Management Act during nation wide lockdown days by using their arrogance. It’s a well known fact that it’s a policy of the enemy nation to use every available means in India to impress writers, thinkers, academicians, important chairs, Journalists, political leaders, social figures and people from different areas of life who are following a particular ideology, to start working against India through different capacities by setting every type of wrong narrative against India. Now, the biggest question arises, Are these KAS officers and few other employees part of this conspiracy? There are few KAS officers, who, before their selection in KAS, were used to get foreign funding through hawala means to run their agenda against the nation. Even renowned people having strong links in enemy nation, on record, following a wrong ideology against the nation were invited many times with an aim to set a wrong narrative among the people against the pro nation ideology. Many Revenue officers also remained a part of this conspiracy as large chunk of government lands were transferred illegally into the favour of those institutions following that particular ideology. Former Governor Satya Pal Malik’s statement was right as biggest threat to this nation is from such wrong forces, whether they are in government service, in political and other set ups. They seem to be working under a coordinated agenda against the nation.  Some government employees are running news groups on various social media platforms and were seen circulating news, even against the national interest by violating civil services rules. Even, high ranked officials were seen in social media commenting against the nation and showing support to a particular ideology by sharing videos and posts. Biggest surprise is that those government officers and officials who are supporting such an ideology against the nation were rewarded many times. Whether, they are serving in Revenue, Rural Development, ICDS, Planning, Labour, Industries, Education, Higher Education or in other departments, they seem to have been following a particular agenda, which is against the nation and it has been proved on record many times. And if few media platforms are showing guts in exposing them, then such a brigade has only one option to target media and that is to brand such media houses as communal, because such forces cannot digest the truth and have no logic to counter the truth, but they have only one weapon and that is to take shelter under religious sentiments and by setting a wrong narrative with the support of their well wishers that particular media is communal and is a threat to peace, extremist and likewise, they use many ill logical theories by taking the shelter of 42nd amendment of 1976 that came during night hours when whole opposition was in jail and parliament was in suspended mode following emergency.  No body in the corridors of power, over the years, had taken such forces to task for their anti national acts as such forces only believe in wrangling with every body and also media if the later stands for exposing their nefarious designs against the nation. Such governments employees, some of them are sitting on high posts are doing dastardly acts against the nation with an agenda to disturb peace and they deserve befitting retribution from the government. An urgent action against such government officials is need of the hour else a spark neglected burns the house.

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