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Shocking? Not policing but few Police officers are only promoting “Gujjar” and “Pahari” culture; Wisdom less officers are a threat on the credibility of J&K police – Poonch Today
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Shocking? Not policing but few Police officers are only promoting “Gujjar” and “Pahari” culture; Wisdom less officers are a threat on the credibility of J&K police


Shocking? Not policing but few Police officers are only promoting “Gujjar” and “Pahari” culture; Wisdom less officers are a threat on the credibility of J&K police

Shocking? Not policing but few Police officers are only promoting “Gujjar” and “Pahari” culture; Wisdom less officers are a threat on the credibility of J&K police



POONCH:  It’s an open and much acclaimed fact that large number of  professionally sound police officers of J&K police have done a commendable job in J&K after the eruption of militancy in addition of facing many other challenges from all fronts.

Role played by J&K police, especially after the abrogation of Article 370 and during COVID-19 crisis is unmatchable. If J&K police  officers are known all over the country for their professionalism and meritorious working in tackling day to day situation while performing their duties in public life and for safeguarding the interest of the country, then there are unfortunately  few police officers also of low intellect level who are still  promoting “Gujjar” and “Pahari” culture through different tactics and are openly throwing the credibility of J&K police into dustbin, least bothering about impartiality in duties.  Although, it sounds ridiculous to speak on such matters in 21st century as it doesn’t worthy of attention in J&K, but this issue has a huge impact on  social fabric of Poonch and Rajouri districts. Few police officers posted in some other districts of J&K UT also suffering from this shameful tactics which directly or indirectly promotes hatred among the societies and as a result, few needy and poor people suffer out of their no fault.  The primary duty of a police officer is to prevent crime and disorder and the police officer must recognize that the test of their efficiency is the absence of both and not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with them. But few police officers with limited and partiality mindset don’t care about their professional duties and continue to work for this cause which ultimately divides the society. Should a common man expect justice from a police officer having such a shameful mindset? The answer lies in big “No”. As part of law enforcement, police officers have four major responsibilities which includes enforcing laws, preventing crimes, responding to emergencies, and providing support services. Though most people think of police officers as enforcing laws, the other three responsibilities are just as important. But, when it comes to support service and related acts towards the society, it should be in an impartial way and not on the basis of “Gujjar” and “Pahari” culture, which unfortunately, few police officers of high ranks have been doing for long in twin districts of Poonch and Rajouri especially and this practice is still going on and its proofs are easily available on various social media platforms.  Mostly, all the local officers manage to get home  district posting which is defeating the very purpose of civil service and neutrality. Police officers cannot remain neutral once posted in home district or region and end up favouring particular section of the society. This has huge impact on local politics also, because during the recently held DDC elections, few JKPS officers were seen playing their role for few candidates, who ultimately won with huge votes in Poonch and Rajouri districts. Such police officers not only engage in local politics but also favour or disfavour on particular identity. This is a delicate issue which is not highlighted openly in any media platform, but has a longstanding impact on the society and “POONCH TODAY” newspaper, which is known for bold and truthful journalism in national interest has raised this issue in the interest of credibility of J&K police and for the betterment of society and government needs to discourage such officers who are promoting this unfortunate culture of dividing the society while being in government service.  As per highly placed sources in high ups of government, one particular  group is so dominant that they have their dedicated whatsapp groups to promote their interest, although, it’s very good to promote and look after one’s interest in a positive way, but it should not come to the hatred of other and against preamble of our constitution, because over and above, police officers are government servant and their job is to provide justice to common man by implementing the government polices on the ground. A police officer should not indulge in such cheap tactics of creating a divide between the societies, but unfortunately such a practice exists among some police officers, some civil officers of JKAS and even among few officers of IAS/IPS cadre.  Common man is free to discuss these issues openly, if he feels step motherly treatment at the hands of government, but officers should not. Impartiality while being on a high chair is must in public interest.  We should not forget that India is a bouquet of different flowers including all religions, caste, creed, social groups and the preamble expects unity, integrity, justice, equality and while serving people, all the officers must abide by the principle. But Alas! Very few follow it in spirit and that’s the need of the hour, because our first identity is being Indian, but if few police and other civil officers are still suffering from this disease, then only God can give them wisdom which they don’t have because there lies a big difference between being educated, being qualified and having wisdom and unfortunately such officers fall in the category of being qualified by doubtful means well known to all.  Wisdom less officers are a threat on the credibility of J&K police and other civil departments.  Merit and professionalism should be the only criteria everywhere and not this shameful tactics of promoting divide in society while being in government service for self interest.   We all are Indians first and every officer, belonging to any cadre should understand this fact by broaden his/her mental horizon and accordingly, efforts must be made to unite and not divide different sections of the society.



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