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Poonch administration adopts ‘Pick and Choose’ tactics over various illegal acts – Poonch Today
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Poonch administration adopts ‘Pick and Choose’ tactics over various illegal acts


Poonch administration adopts ‘Pick and Choose’ tactics over various illegal acts

Poonch administration adopts ‘Pick and Choose’ tactics over various illegal acts




POONCH: District administration seems to be working only in press cuttings and not on the ground and there are millions of examples related to this. The district administration tried its best to put pressure on its subordinate’s officials by showing that the Deputy Commissioner was a tough headmaster who knew how to get the work done, but the ground condition of various departments is the same as it was years ago. As far as retrieving state/Kachrai/forest lands and removing illegal encroachments, administration’s performance is totally zero. Huge violations of LB-6 have taken place in Kanuyian and other areas with the involvement of revenue officials. Revenue department officials are openly capturing school rooms. They are involved in various revenue frauds, but the administration never took them to task, reasons best known to the top brass. No drive was carried out against illegal encroachments at several places of Poonch city. Even a few days back, notices were served to few stone crushers but only one was taken to task and those influential leaders, who are also a part of illegal mining mafia and are running their illegal crushers on state land were not taken to task by the administration. Likewise, there are many loopholes which really show that district administration has adopted ‘Pick and chose’ tactics against those who are involved in regular foul play. There is no coordination between top officers of administration as the subordinate officers used to shift blame on each other on various important issues to throw dust in the eyes of common man. Many government buildings, state lands are still under the illegal occupation of encroachers, but over the years, no action whatsoever was taken by the administration against them. Instead of taking action, few stained officers believe in earning money only by giving official threats to encroachers. The track record of this administration is so poor that the common man has lost faith in the institution of governance. However, the administration used to project itself in good terms only in press releases, but the reality behind the scenes is something different. Corruption has broken all records in various departments. The office of Deputy Commissioner has no control over its subordinates as the latter used to take his orders in a lighter vein. On retrieving government lands and buildings on the ground, the performance of administration is extremely poor. The Deputy Commissioner office has no guts to show its performance on the ground, because top officials know that the whole system is not on the track. Public is suffering from lack of coordination between various departments. Open violation of ancient Monuments and protection act has been going on in front of Poonch fort with large scale illegal construction of Khokhas and other constructions. Roads have turned into parking places. Water crisis, power crisis, poor health care facilities in hospitals, revenue ‘Gungagardi’ are major public concerns among the list of administrative inefficiency. The UT government needs to intervene by placing good officers at the right place else people will lose faith in the institution of governance because the credibility of the administration is not good among the public, feel locals.



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