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Rising crime cases in the district raises eyebrows on the working of Poonch police – Poonch Today
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Rising crime cases in the district raises eyebrows on the working of Poonch police


Rising crime cases in the district raises eyebrows on the working of Poonch police

Rising crime cases in the district raises eyebrows on the working of Poonch police


POONCH: Rising crime cases in Poonch district, particularly in the city, has brought the morale of public to a low level and the timely inability of police in bringing culprits to justice has shown lack of professionalism among top police officers.

On one hand, the district has come under the grip of drug terrorism which has spread its tentacles in every corner of the district, but on the other hand rise in crime related activities, particular theft cases adds fuel to fire. Few theft cases have been worked out by police, but in other cases efforts are going on to address issues related to other theft cases. However, SHO Poonch has remained successful in ensuring crime free society mostly, but during the last few weeks, crime cases have started to announce their presence again as this has become a talk of the town.  In the past, Poonch police officials have solved theft cases related to mobile and other valuables under the supervision of Dy.SP OPS, but no strong action has been initiated yet against those who are habitual offenders and are involved in drug and theft cases in addition to other anti-social elements.  Under the Civic action program, Poonch police organized many programs and denoted many items among youngsters. The SSP was seen guiding sportspersons many times on the importance of sports, drug free society and also stressed upon the youngsters to become a good Indian citizen, but in dealing with crime cases, the performance of police has not been up to the mark during the last few months. The ground presence of police in the minds  of the public is not so high and as a result, anti social forces take full advantage of this loophole on part of the police. During the last one decade, many SSPs were instrumental in showing their professional performance with their aura and character on the field. Former SSP Poonch Ashkoor Ahmed Wani was instrumental in total policing and his terror among the anti social and anti national elements was ever high. He was the first SSP in the last two decades who imposed a total ban on loudspeakers from religious institutions. Even anti-social forces were having a hard time. After Wani, none of the SSPs managed to impose a ban on loudspeakers and as a result of that, people of Poonch have been suffering regularly due to this ongoing loudspeaker pollution. Even Yougal, Pandey and  Angral had shown their ground presence and as a result, fear factor among anti social and anti national elements was very high, but the same factor is missing from the current team and the incumbent SSP has to think over this issue of maintaining grip on the minds of anti social and anti national elements, else they say that spark neglected burns the house. District Poonch strongly requires a total policing as anti national forces are playing with the youngsters through drug terrorism and related means, so merely showing activities through self made press releases will serve no purpose. Rise in theft cases has also shattered people’s faith in policing and the same needs to be established sooner than later to repose people’s faith in the institution of policing.



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