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Traitors everywhere! Top officers in GAD openly supported doubtful credentials officers on prestigious postings – Poonch Today
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Traitors everywhere! Top officers in GAD openly supported doubtful credentials officers on prestigious postings


Traitors everywhere! Top officers in GAD openly supported doubtful credentials officers on prestigious postings

Traitors everywhere! Top officers in GAD openly supported doubtful credentials officers on prestigious postings



POONCH/RAJOURI/JAMMU: Despite having authentic information about the doubtful(Not in national interest) credentials of a few JKAS officers, a few top officers in the General Administration Department(GAD) openly supported such officers for years, who brought a bad name to the elite JKAS services. Such a shocking state of affairs, even in GAD, shows that, credentials of officers were not taken into consideration before giving them important postings.  The latest Rajouri incident, in which a JKAS officer who was holding the post of Assistant Commissioner Panchayat(ACP) used unparliamentary language against his subordinate official by hurting his religious sentiments, has created huge resentment among people from a particular section of society. When the matter came into the limelight, some self-styled “Hardcore Indians” started using all means to protect the tainted officer. Even a known person with questionable integrity started questioning District Magistrate Rajouri by saying that the DC has no power to suspend a JKAS officer. Instead of condemning the attitude of the officer in question, the person who used some fake media platforms was seen giving a lecture on administrative affairs. There are a number of similar anti-national incidents which have taken place during recent years at various places, and it shows that a few government officials are in fact “Traitors” behind the curtains and always looking for an opportunity to disturb the peaceful atmosphere. Even chanting the national anthem was seen as a crime in some schools before the abrogation of temporary Articles 370 and 35-A because many officials inimical to peace and prosperity of the nation never allowed students to sing the national anthem in some places.  A controversial JKAS officer once used the word “Freedom Fighter” for a terrorist, and he too was given a prize posting by top officers in GAD. When the said doubtful credential JKAS officer, who was seen glorifying terrorists got back to back good postings, this raised alarm bells in security agencies also. One of the top officers who was heading GAD of J&K UT in recent years was also informed about the questionable credentials of a few JKAS officers, but instead of taking action against the officers in question for their doubtful integrity, the top GAD officer gave them prize postings and it shows how the state of affairs in GAD was going on. Like a few JKAS officers known for their wrong mindset against the peace and the security of the nation, some other government officials known for similar mindsets during political governments also enjoyed the patronage of GAD for years and got successive prize postings. However, the JK UT government has taken big steps in terminating the services of those employees, who were found in anti-national acts, but on the other hand, a few JKAS officers, who brought a bad name to this elite service, were not taken to task and there are a number of examples. A few years ago, some police officers were also charged with scripting polarization in some places, and many inquiry committees were formed, but what happened to the reports of those committees is still a big question mark. Such a Rajouri-type incident demonstrates that officers with wrong mindset are everywhere, and the majority of officers are seen favouring people of a certain taste in all developmental works, completely ignoring the neutrality aspect of governance. As per the reports of some agencies, some ex-legislators and a few top-ranked officers, behind the curtains, tried their best to protect this JKAS officer of Rajouri administration who was accused of hurting the religious sentiments of his junior official. It is high time that GAD of J&K UT must verify the credentials of JKAS officers/others before initiating transfer exercise and those, who are known for their questionable approach should not be given any important postings, because who knows, which officer with doubtful credentials is working for which anti national agency and those top officers in GAD who were involved in supporting such a tainted officers for years, reason best known to them, should also be taken to task by the government because nothing is important than peace, security and national interest. There are also reports that some Assistant Professors/Teaching Faculty members known for their questionable credentials in few colleges of higher education department are doing doubtful activities(Not in national and students interest) in their colleges and such activities, if not controlled, may lead to law and order problems in some sensitive areas of Jammu division.  A few wrong-minded officers working in government machinery deserve retribution now because, for decades, they enjoyed the political patronage of valley-based political parties, which always blackmailed New Delhi for their own self-interest. Such a wrong mindset of JKAS or any other service officer, wherever they are posted, must be taken to task strongly for playing against the peaceful atmosphere and the national interest.


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