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Aiming at strengthening the nation in every aspect, BJPs roadmap on “Remaining in Power Till 2047” is ready;  Modi, Shah, Yogi to play major role – Poonch Today
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Aiming at strengthening the nation in every aspect, BJPs roadmap on “Remaining in Power Till 2047” is ready;  Modi, Shah, Yogi to play major role


Aiming at strengthening the nation in every aspect, BJPs roadmap on “Remaining in Power Till 2047” is ready;  Modi, Shah, Yogi to play major role

Aiming at strengthening the nation in every aspect, BJPs roadmap on “Remaining in Power Till 2047” is ready;  Modi, Shah, Yogi to play major role


POONCH: The well-thought-out strategy prepared by the RSS and saffron party think tank for the BJP to rule the country for the next 25 years, until 2047, is complete in its first phase. It’s a clear indication that many tough decisions are in the pipeline from the BJP government with the sole agenda of making “Bharat” a powerful nation.

During the recently concluded assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh, Gujrat, and the MCD elections in Delhi, the BJP performed beyond expectations in Gujrat, while losing by 0.9 percentage points of vote share in Himachal Pradesh. In MCD Delhi, the BJP managed to save its pride despite remaining in power for fifteen long years. Highly placed sources of “POONCH TODAY” in the BJP camp, pleading anonymity, said, “In the first phase, the RSS  and BJP think tank have made a plan for the next 25 years, and as per this plan, the BJP will rule the nation with the sole agenda of making the country a powerful nation in all areas. The BJP government will introduce transparency in every area of life in addition to introducing the digital economy in the near future. The party is also expected to play a major role in guiding the government in strengthening the defence sector, the internal security sector, the health sector, the human resources sector, introducing the digital economy, getting back POJK, and many other sectors of public and national importance. By introducing big laws, the saffron party is expected to create an atmosphere where justice is delivered to all by following the constitution. The party has worked out a plan for one nation, one rule, and the nation is expected to see it sooner rather than later. Increasing vote share in almost all the states and union territories has become a top priority of the BJP in assembly elections and parliamentary elections. According to reports, the RSS and BJP have directed their entire networks to work at both levels to increase BJP vote share. Insiders in the BJP told “POONCH TODAY,” pleading anonymity, “There are many issues on which we cannot comment right now, but certainly, the RSS and BJP have made a big strategy for the next 25 years, and if all those plans are implemented on the ground, then India will become the most powerful country in the world.” “We believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam; the nation under the BJP government is expected to guide the entire world towards peaceful coexistence and development for all,” it added. “As per the RSS roadmap, the BJP government will play the role of peacemaker in major conflict areas of the world.” “Making the country strong in every sector is the sole agenda of the RSS roadmap, on which the BJP government at the centre is expected to work.” it added. Even some BJP leaders in different states who are accused of being involved in corruption, were bluntly told by the RSS to mend their ways because for the saffron brigade, national interest is supreme. Insiders also told “POONCH TODAY” that the RSS has also directed the BJP’s think tank to take action against those BJP leaders in different states who are facing charges of corruption. A 61 year-old RSS worker, when contacted by “POONCH TODAY” at Jammu on this issue, said, “Dekho bhai. RSS ki strategy sirf desh ke liye hain. Woh kabhi bhi bahar nahi aati. Ham 25 saal raaj kareen yah 100 saal. Jitne bhi saal kartenge, who sirf desh ke liye hoga.” Many BJP leaders in Jammu were also contacted on the issue, but the majority of them remained tight lipped over it. It is important to mention here that PM Narendra Modi also hinted twice that the nation has entered a most challenging phase and that the next 25 years will write a new history for the country”. Going by the statement of PM Narendra Modi and reports that the RSS and BJP have prepared a next 25-year strategy, there is a clear indication that the saffron party, with the full support structure of the RSS, is going to remain in power for more years, if not initially for 25 years, and if such reports are true, then it would be very disturbing news for the opposition parties, which are aiming high to get back power at the centre.  Meanwhile, the BJP’s performance in Gujarat has effectively silenced the opposition, as no opposition leader has publicly commented on the BJP’s landslide victory in Gujarat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, UP CM Yogi Adityanath, and Home Minister Amit Shah are three big factors for the BJP, and the trio are reportedly the main players in this 25-year ruling plan. Will the BJP be able to implement this plan fully or not despite facing multiple challenges? Only time will tell.


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