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Employees with bad track record to face tough action from the J&K UT government – Poonch Today
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Employees with bad track record to face tough action from the J&K UT government


Employees with bad track record to face tough action from the J&K UT government

Employees with bad track record to face tough action from the J&K UT government


JAMMU: The J&K UT government has reportedly begun an exercise to identify deadwoods in all departments, particularly those with histories of political affiliation, participation in any crime-related act, conducting various business during office hours, and anti-national and anti-government activities.It is pertinent to mention here that a large number of employees from some departments, particularly from the Education and Higher Education department, were seen taking part in political and anti government activities on social media. Even some government employees run NGOs and trusts that are used to blackmail those in administration and power. A few employees from these departments have been seen openly criticising government policies and, at times, enlisting the assistance of religious leaders to foster distrust between communities. Some even used such tactics to secure their favourite postings for years. In Poonch and Rajouri districts, many employees of the Education Department were seen working against the government on social media. Few employees even use blood relatives for the same purpose. Some government employees even branded militants as “freedom fighters,” and this shows that successive regimes gave open shelter to such wrong elements in government services. Even now, a few employees holding big posts in the higher education department are known for spitting venom against the UT and Union governments and are drawing money from different sources during working hours. If the government conducts an inquiry on their social media posts, then the majority of employees will be booked under charges of sedation. Few employees from other departments are also on the list, but employees from the Education and Higher Education departments top the list in both Poonch and Rajouri districts. People have appealed to the J&K government to take tough action against those employees who have been targeting government policies openly despite getting salaries from the government exchequer. Even some employees are working as journalists with various organisations and illegal portals with the full support of the police, and during office hours, many employees were also seen running their NGOs and thereby earning handsome amounts, completely violating civil service rules. A large chunk of employees were also found supporting the wrong narrative of a particular ideology and commenting on social media against the government. Locals believe that harsh punishment should be meted out to such employees who have taken everything for granted and are openly engaging in illegal activities.


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