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Nervous Mufti’s! LG Manoj Sinha is an Indian and not “Bahar wala”; J&K belongs to India and not Pakistan – Poonch Today
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Nervous Mufti’s! LG Manoj Sinha is an Indian and not “Bahar wala”; J&K belongs to India and not Pakistan


Nervous Mufti’s! LG Manoj Sinha is an Indian and not “Bahar wala”; J&K belongs to India and not Pakistan

Nervous Mufti’s! LG Manoj Sinha is an Indian and not “Bahar wala”; J&K belongs to India and not Pakistan




POONCH: Gone are the days when a few Kashmir based political parties used to enjoy power blatantly by considering J&K as their personal property and were involved in deep corruption by toeing the pro Pakistan line to secure their political interest.

Spitting venom without any logic against the union government has become a trade mark of former Chief Minister J&K Mehboba Mufti and now, her daughter seems to have decided to follow in her footsteps. The other day, during a protest by youth against Aptech company and JKSSB, the daughter of Mehbooba Mufti used derogatory words against LG Manoj Sinha by saying him “Bahar wala”. It was a completely nervous statement by a junior Mufti who forgot that J&K is a part and parcel of India and not their political  favourite Pakistan. Those who come to serve in J&K in various capacities are not “Bahar walas” but they are Indians.  Mufti’s who always considered Pakistan and all anti national forces including Hurriyat as their own, never considered Indians as their own, instead they used to target people form outside J&K as “Bahar walas”. During the recently  concluded tour of Poonch, Mehbooba was seen targeting LGs government on JKSSB issue, but forgot how jobs were sold through backdoor to the favourite people of PDP during her rule. Her daughter was also seen toeing her mother’s line, but frankly admitted that she is not a full-grown politician. On the one hand, she was seen labeling LG Manoj Sinha as “Bahar wala” but at Poonch, she said that she is not even 1% of her mother and not politically sound. So, she herself has proved that she gave that statement against LG in a nervous and immature way.  It’s a hard core fact that a few Kashmir based politicians were always seen toeing the line of Pakistan for years and played a big role in anti India sentiments in the valley with the help of hurriyat forces. For their personal vote bank, they allegedly  spoiled the future of generations of Kashmir by showing them a blue moon with a single agenda of remaining in power. Majority of Kashmir based political parties including Mufti’s were never seen by any Indian condemning Pakistan’s terrorism, condemning Hurriyat and all anti national forces operating in J&K for years. They never stood with J&K police personnel, Army soldiers, CRPF and other paramilitary forces who sacrificed their lives for the nation in various terrorist attacks. Yes, Mufti and other Kashmir based political parties, when in power, were seen blackmailing New Delhi on one or another issue. They have forgotten that they sold government jobs through backdoor means like potatoes and tomatoes to their favourites. Even their trusted people were selected in administrative services out of the way. Former Governor J&K Satya Pal Malik, once said that a few people close to power corridors, who never sat in the JKAS exam, were selected as JKAS officers.  Giving illogical statements have become a trademark of Mufti’s and the latest statement of the daughter of Mehbooba by branding LG Manoj Sinha as “Bahar wala” shows that in the absence of power, Mufti’s have become completely disturbed and they can go to any extent to get the power back. Mufti’s are even seen favouring PAGD jointly contesting the elections to keep BJP out of power and to reverse all decisions of BJP in J&K including the abrogation of temporary articles 370 and 35-A once they get power in J&K assembly.   On the other hand, LG J&K UT Manoj Singh, who also served as a union minister had a good track record of national service in his various capacities and still, he has been doing his job in J&K purely in the interest of the security of the nation and not to please frustrated Mufti’s. The other day, LG Manoj Singh bluntly said that gone are the days when government jobs were sold through backdoor means. He also said that in future, only meritorious candidates will be selected and if any foul play is found in the recruitment process, the guilty will be punished strongly. After his statement, JKSSB deferred exams which were scheduled to be held from March to April.  Although opposition is a part and parcel of democracy, by coming up to the very low level of politics doesn’t suit anybody, so the Mufti’s need to learn this lesson sooner than later, because the J&K is no longer their so-called personal property.



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