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National-level boxer  Jagvinder’s torture by police officials  has given a big blow to the reputation of Poonch police; I was treated like a hardcore criminal: Jagvinder, DGPC Jammu demands justice – Poonch Today
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National-level boxer  Jagvinder’s torture by police officials  has given a big blow to the reputation of Poonch police; I was treated like a hardcore criminal: Jagvinder, DGPC Jammu demands justice


National-level boxer  Jagvinder’s torture by police officials  has given a big blow to the reputation of Poonch police; I was treated like a hardcore criminal: Jagvinder, DGPC Jammu demands justice

National-level boxer  Jagvinder’s torture by police officials  has given a big blow to the reputation of Poonch police; I was treated like a hardcore criminal: Jagvinder, DGPC Jammu demands justice



POONCH: A recent regrettable incident in Poonch city in which a national-level boxer, Jagvinder Singh, was treated harshly by police has become a most debatable issue, right from Poonch to Jammu to Punjab. In every nook and corner of Poonch and Jammu, people were seen discussing this issue, which clearly showed that huge injustice was done to a national-level boxer who brought laurels to J&K police for years.

Jagvinder remained a gold medallist, winning the coveted medal eight times, and became an inspiration for youngsters. Still, the recent episode in which some police officials reportedly treated him harshly for no reason has forced the parents to think about whether it is feasible to allow their children to play sports and remain a thorough gentleman. A few months ago, a similar incident during a hockey match took place when a player suffered an injury, which led to a minor scuffle that was given the wrong shape by police without proper investigation. Six players were sent inside the lockup after a questionable FIR was lodged. The innocents booked in that FIR are still facing harassment for no reason. Injuries are part and parcel of any game, but they were given the wrong shape, unfortunately. Back-to-back unnecessary hard gesture by police against sportspersons from different games has put a big dent in the reputation of the Poonch police. Jagvinder, a policeman, said that he was coming home after purchasing medicines for his ailing mother, and police stopped him as an incident had taken place in the area between two sides and police were there to look into the issue. When Jagvinder went there to learn about the matter, police officials treated him badly, and when he objected to their behaviour, some police officials pushed him into the police vehicle and brought him to the police station, where he was treated badly. The family members of Jagvinder approached the newly posted SSP Vinay Sharma and brought to his attention the entire matter, and after listening to the family, SSP Vinay Sharma, who is known as an efficient police officer in police circles,  assured proper inquiry into the matter. It is important to mention here that, on the one hand, the top brass of the J&K police always encouraged youth to play their active role against drugs by participating in sports activities, led from the front by ADGP, IGP Jammu, Mukesh Singh, who is also a renowned sportsman and an inspiration for youngsters in sports, but on the other hand, in Poonch city, some episodes took place in which sportspersons were harassed for questionable reasons. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan has been trying its best to revive terrorism in the sensitive Poonch-Rajouri belt, and police officials till now have failed to detect the OGW’s network of anti-national forces and also failed to bring to book those, who were responsible for the Dhangri and BG terrorist attacks. But rather than proving their mettle on the terrorism front and against anti-national forces, unfortunately, a few police officials were seen treating sportspersons in unparliamentarily ways, and this trend has shattered the confidence of young sportspersons who are playing different sports and are now fearing similar incidents of FIRs and torture against them.  In the recent incident of Jagvinder, fingers were also raised on the credibility of some Poonch media persons for their questionable silence on the issue, but “POONCH TODAY,” as a total professional and responsible journalism platform, did not jump in a hurry into the issue unless having a word with Jagvinder, a national-level boxer who was treated shoddily by police. While narrating his story, Jagvinder said, “More than ten to fifteen police officials hit me hard but I remember the names of only six to seven persons. They used teaser gun more than 200 times as a result, I am now experienced high B.P, total mind disturbance, and likewise many sensitive problems. They hit my spleen area badly. I was treated like a hardcore criminal. I am feeling huge problems in my entire body, especially my brain. They hit me hard from all angels as they wanted to kill me. Only, with the blessings of Wahe Guru Ji and Sant Mela Singh Ji, I am still alive despite facing massive torture which was almost equal to facing death.”  When asked about the use of teaser gun, Jagvinder said, “Teaser gun is used against hard core criminals and terrorists for inquiry purposes,  but, I am not a  criminal, but a national level boxer and a policeman, then why they used it on me.” A visibly upset Jagvinder, said, “I also met SSP sir and he assured me of justice after an inquiry which is going on is finished once.” After getting proper information about the issue from Jagvinder, the issue has been brought into the public domain. “POONCH TODAY” has no enmity with anybody, but cannot compromise with the ethics of journalism as the inner consciousness of this newspaper is still alive, unlike others. This newspaper doesn’t want to be remembered as a tout for anybody but loves to do justice on merit to the profession of journalism without any partiality, despite facing multiple threats from all corners, including from police for publishing the truth, in the national interest. It is important to mention here that the “POONCH TODAY” newspaper, which is known for bold and truthful journalism in the national interest, too got threats from police and anti-national elements many times, but believing in truthful, ethical, and professional journalism, the newspaper never bowed down before anybody.  It’s a hard-core fact that the some of media persons in the district are not professionals and are always seen siding with police and civil officers for their personal interests; thereby violating media ethics openly. Still, such a practice in the name of media, unfortunately, leads to a bad image of media in the minds of the public. Those officers, who always give support to such less professional illegal media platforms for their petty interests, also face credibility issues within the public. A senior citizen, pleading anonymity, said, “If an officer cannot differentiate between a ‘donkey’ and a ‘horse’, he ceases to be an efficient officer.” He added, “Aajkal har koi media wala ban gaya hai without any qualification. Has the administration checked the credentials of so-called media persons? It’s not a single episode of injustice with Jagvinder, but such an incident can take place with anybody having no one at the back.  On this issue, several Sikh religious and social organizations of Poonch, including DGPC President Jammu S Ranjeet Singh Tohra along with S Balvinder Singh Vice President, S Surjit Singh Secretary, S Harjit Singh Incharge Dharam Parchar Committee have strongly condemned the brutal torture of Sikh Cop of Poonch S Jagvinder Singh at Poonch by some police officials and demanded justice from the top brass of police. If police officials indulge in such acts, then it will create a divide between police and the public and it will prove fatal for police as far as information-gathering issues on various aspects including national security is concerned. Sportspersons like Jagvinder and others, who have brought laurels for J&K in different games, deserve an equal amount of respect and not unnecessary torture.  It’s an acid test for the top brass of J&K police, including SSP Poonch Vinay Sharma, who has been looking into the matter to give justice to the victim and save the image of J&K police in the eyes of the common man.


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