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With acts of self-importance and partiality, the credibility of Deputy Commissioner’s office Poonch reduces to an all-time low; Advocates shown huge resentment against DC Poonch – Poonch Today
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With acts of self-importance and partiality, the credibility of Deputy Commissioner’s office Poonch reduces to an all-time low; Advocates shown huge resentment against DC Poonch


With acts of self-importance and partiality, the credibility of Deputy Commissioner’s office Poonch reduces to an all-time low; Advocates shown huge resentment against DC Poonch

With acts of self-importance and partiality, the credibility of Deputy Commissioner’s office Poonch reduces to an all-time low; Advocates shown huge resentment against DC Poonch



POONCH: The tenure of the sitting Deputy Commissioner always remained in the limelight, not on account of good things in general but mostly for his self-importance, and many acts of partiality in various public and developmental matters. During the initial days of his posting, he was seen doing some good work, but after he came in contact with a coterie of self-styled sycophants and so-called senior citizens belonging to his ideology, he started crossing the boundary of parliamentary behaviour and was seen indulging in huge acts of injustice as many acts of partiality were seen in the district.

The same DC Poonch in his office chamber was seen many times speaking with his subordinates in English to give the impression that he was more intelligent than others and also a foreign country returnee, but ultimately failed to prove his worth due to his poor public dealings and weak developmental performance. When the police martyr program was held last year, none of the senior officers of the administration attended the program, which was a clear indication that the civil administration had no respect for the police martyrs. Then the Bawli land scam raised a big question mark on the credibility of the administration about how some revenue officers sitting under DC Poonch were involved in changing the land status of more than 50 kanals of land. In the red zone, DC Poonch was seen to have totally adopted a partial attitude as some poor people who tried to build a tin shed to run their shops were demolished by the administration, but on the other hand, big fish, who have encroached on a huge chunk of state land and have built a large number of illegal concrete structures, capturing irrigation canals and culverts in the red zone, were not taken to task. Near the southern side of the Poonch Fort, DC Poonch was seen befooling the people by saying that the administration demolished the illegal shops in a late-night anti-encroachment drive, but the reality was that the area was already under the occupation of the government and army. During his tenure, an unwanted controversy erupted near Poonch Fort with the hidden involvement of revenue officials that had the capability to disturb the peace, and the sudden occurrence of that episode also raised a big question mark on his credibility. On the one hand, shops belonging to poor people were demolished by DC Poonch, but on the other hand, influential encroachers were not touched. Many revenue commissions were constituted to identify the land of Poonch Fort, and all of the commissions gave different reports to the government by scripting hand-in-glove activities. Such acts completely show that the Deputy Commissioner Office has introduced partiality in its acts. In a viral video of a public durbar at Mendhar, Deputy Commissioner Poonch was seen indirectly threatening the people that the officers knew their powers and knew how to use them. Recently, DC Poonch was accused of arrogance and misbehaving with some advocates, and on this matter, advocates of Poonch district have shown huge resentment and demanded strong action from the government against him. He is the first DC in the last 70 years to be treated like this by the Advocates Fraternity of Poonch. If advocates of Poonch are feeling bad about him, then one can understand the gravity of the situation on the basis of how the public is feeling. Many viral videos, sufficient proof, his tour details, and a few more important items are available with the “POONCH TODAY,” which shows his uncertain mindset. Moreover, two viral videos are also available in which some people, including a lady and a ruling party worker, are seen saying that the DC has an anti-minority mindset.  Public opinion has gained momentum against the sitting DC as people are seen saying that this DC has become an autocrat and was seen in a perturbed state of mind. Insiders in the DC office told “POONCH TODAY,” pleading anonymity, that due to a lack of election preparedness, DC was seen in a fuming mood mostly because the data of police and civil administration reportedly differed on many issues during the election meetings earlier, and it was a clear indication that civil administration has failed to ensure a complete exercise related to elections, while the data shown by police in the election meetings was up-to-date and correct by carrying out a complete exercise in every area of the district. Sources said that the election cell and those revenue officials related to election-related duties have done little, and this irked DC Poonch time and again. Due to the poor performance related to election data, DC was seen showing his rage with his subordinates and with the public as well. Rather than setting his own house in order on the basis of merit, DC is mostly seen to adopt unparliamentary behavior during pressure situations. Sources also said that, as per the entire record of his tour diary, he was seen visiting only some areas of selected PRIs, and this is another example that he had a favorable mindset for the selected people and was debatable for others. In the past, none of the Deputy Commissioners were seen losing their cool and treating subordinates and people in the wrong way. Earlier IAS Deputy Commissioners like Ajeet Sahu, Mohd Aijaz Asad, and Rahul Yadav, as well as DM Poonch, had set the highest benchmark of public administration, but he is the first IAS officer who has lowered the credibility of the institution of the Deputy Commissioner. There are also reports that the DC office, through some employees, was seen pressurizing some subordinates and some officers to clear bogus bills, and when the concerned officials failed to entertain the illegal request of the DC office, the said office was seen setting scores with those officers and subordinate employees by using top officers sitting in the Civil Secretariat, Jammu, and this also shows the cheap frame of mind of those sitting at the helm of affairs. Deputy Commissioner  even accused the Poonch police earlier and said that the stories published in “POONCH TODAY” against him were the brainchild of the Poonch police, and this again was an indication that the relations between civil administration and police were not good, and this false accusation against police by the head of the civil administration also raised a big question mark on his seems to be borrowed and only bookish intellect. Sources in the top corridors of power told “POONCH TODAY” that the DC was due for an untimely transfer due to his weak performance and huge public resentment, but he managed the episode of Topa Pir at DKG and that saved him, but he is still under the eyes of the government as massive public reports have reached the government against him. Only some opportunist people with no public backing are seen praising him, and that too for their personal interests; otherwise, the majority of people, including elite class advocates, are showing huge anger against him due to his haughtiness, attitude of partiality, and some acts of very low level unbecoming of a Deputy Commissioner of the IAS level. At the top level, the LGs administration has done a lot for the people to win hearts and minds of the people, but at the ground level, the sitting DC has ruined the reputation of the LGs administration with his self-importance approach and his various acts full of partiality. With his questionable approach, the credibility of the institution of the Deputy Commissioner office has been reduced to an all time low level in Poonch district, and it is high time for the government to address the concerns of the public in the interest of good governance.



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