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Hence proved: 13-coolie-14 mates of Poonch BJP exposed before the party’s top brass – Poonch Today
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Hence proved: 13-coolie-14 mates of Poonch BJP exposed before the party’s top brass


Hence proved: 13-coolie-14 mates of Poonch BJP exposed before the party’s top brass

Hence proved: 13-coolie-14 mates of Poonch BJP exposed before the party’s top brass


POONCH: Before the parliamentary elections, the Poonch unit of the BJP became a perfect platform for all turncoat leaders, contractors, and businessmen from different corners of the Haveli constituency. Some leaders, including a former legislator who shifted their loyalties from different political parties, joined the BJP with the hope of getting the ‘Blue Moon’, but all of them have now been exposed before the party’s top brass.

The local unit of the BJP is divided into various groups, and those who formed the foundation of the party in the district, taking the BJP from 200 votes to 11,292 votes, were sidelined from the party. Those low-level leaders from other political parties who are known for changing loyalties just for their own interests, those involved in land-related frauds and also involved in illegal construction at different places, joined the BJP to secure their business interests and get big contracts, in addition to legalizing their illegal business units. Some joined the BJP to get a MP/MLA mandate and not to strengthen the party because their credentials were well known before the people of Poonch. They tried to fool the top brass of the BJP into thinking that they have good followers and will play an important part for the party during the parliamentary elections. But after the result, all of them have been exposed, as it shows that the local BJP unit is a group of 13 coolies and 14 mates who have backstabbed the party with their poor performances. In the 2014 assembly elections, BJP candidate Pardeep Sharma took 11,292 votes for the party, and now in this parliament election, the Apni party, which had the backing of the BJP, got only 13,445 votes from Haveli constituency. It shows that, minus Pardeep Sharma, all other turncoat party leaders including an ex-legislator managed to provide a BJP-backed candidate for the Apni party with only 2,153 votes. In Surankote constituency, all the big pahari leaders of the BJP have been exposed as they managed only 6,059 votes for the party. In Mendhar, the party got 4,938 votes. The entire cadre of BJP Poonch has been exposed, as some of them, without having enough votes, were eyeing MP mandates. It clearly shows that by allowing turncoat and parachute leaders into the party with the wrong credentials, the BJP high command leaders did a big blunder by putting their faith in these turncoat leaders and land-related fraudsters. Even those involved in anti-national acts of hawala funding were approached by the BJP for votes, but from there also, the saffron brigade got nothing. It shows that the Poonch unit of the BJP has become a divided house of 13 coolies-14 mates who joined the BJP for their own political and business interests and not for the interests of the party. The recent trends from all three constituencies of Poonch district show that a large chunk of Paharis and Gujaras, despite getting their decades-old demands fulfilled, failed to stand with the BJP, and if the BJP still thinks that the saffron brigade will get votes in assembly elections as well, then the top brass of the BJP is still living in a fool’s paradise. It’s high time for the BJP’s top brass to analyze their various decisions that were taken in Poonch and Rajouri districts. Those who never remained loyal to their parent political parties cannot become loyal to the BJP, and it would be better for the BJP to understand this sooner than later to focus on its conventional vote bank. A massive change at ground level in the Poonch unit of the BJP is required to allow faithful and visionary faces at the helm, as right now, the party has been captured by contractors, businessmen, land grabbers, and turncoat leaders with questionable credentials, and this will have a big impact on the minds of the BJP voters. Going by the 2014 assembly election data of 11,292 BJP votes and the recent date of parliamentary elections with 13,445 votes from haveli constituency, the party needs to analyze the role of each and every leader to know the real truth on the ground. For better political prospects, the party needs strong leaders, not these 13 coolies and 14 mates known for their open-to-discussion credentials.



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