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Is BDO Poonch shielding tainted RDD officials?  Violates RTI act – Poonch Today
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Is BDO Poonch shielding tainted RDD officials?  Violates RTI act


Is BDO Poonch shielding tainted RDD officials?  Violates RTI act

Is BDO Poonch shielding tainted RDD officials?  Violates RTI act




POONCH: The violation of RTI act by BDO Poonch shows that the said officer is openly shielding his tainted officials who played fraud with government exchequer. A RTI applicant approached BDO Poonch to know the details of funds under MLC, MLA and MP in Panchayats Degwar Maldayalan, Degwar Terwan, Ajote, Gulpur and Karmara, but after a lapse of more than a month, BDO preferred to violate the act to help his few technical officials, who murdered government exchequer on fake withdrawal on some works. Huge funds were withdrawn by showing some works on paper under legislators CD fund, but in reality, those funds were used in other purposes with the involvement of technical officials. Few Technical officials posted in block Poonch, reportedly demanding money from villagers, even for a minor work. Transportation of cement meant for government works to some unknown locations by technical has become a regular routine with an eye on selling those hidden cement bags to cement shops illegally. BDO office Poonch has become a goldmine for tainted officials who have only one agenda and that is to earn, either by hook or crook by playing smartly with paper work, but ground reality shows something different. BDO office is a habitual violator of RTI act and BDO Poonch leads from the front and this murder of transparency act at will by BDO office officials shows that illegal practice of earning money by RDD officials in block Poonch is the sole agenda of RDD officials.   Technical officials have become lakh patis in no time and thanks to a well managed nexus from top to bottom. A well established ACB inquiry is needed to bring to book those RDD officials of block Poonch, who are expert in scripting regular financial frauds.

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