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Health Department Poonch under radar over misusing COVID-19 funds – Poonch Today
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Health Department Poonch under radar over misusing COVID-19 funds


Health Department Poonch under radar over misusing COVID-19 funds

Health Department Poonch under radar over misusing COVID-19 funds


POONCH: Already remained in news for many frauds including recent NHM recruitment fraud, Health Department Poonch is again in news and this time for allegations of misusing COVID-19 funds which are coming from within the department itself. Two Disinfectant tunnels were installed in Poonch hospital to hoodwink government that Poonch hospital was ready for everything, but, on ground, nothing seems to be perfect. Two tunnels which were installed are in bad condition. The whereabouts of one of the tunnels are not known, which was installed opposite main gate of Raja Sukhdev Singh hospital. There are reports that huge purchases were made without any planning. Even some agents were pressed into service for purchasing purpose. With an eye on taking credit, some health officials of Raja Sukhdev Singh hospital Poonch had a scuffle in front of Medical Superintendent. There are also confirmed reports that those Nurses who were recruited recently under NHM, were not attending duties during COVID-19 crisis, because they belong to some influential families and its a question mark on Medical Superintendent, who allegedly hiding this matter. The state of affairs of Raja Sukhdev Singh hospital are not good, but, the real picture never came to public because those sitting at helm were managing everything behind the curtains. The disinfectants tunnels were installed without taking health experts on board, because World Health Organization, the other day, said that such attempts to sanitise or disinfect people using Sodium Hypochlorite can be unhealthy and actually do little to kill Coronavirus or other viruses. The chemical works only on inanimate surfaces and can cause serious irritations and reactions among people exposed to the chemical. The organisation further said that, “People can develop skin irritation, can have their soft tissues in their respiratory tracts affected by the chemical. Our advice is that no one should use these tunnels.” In spite of strict directions from W.H.O, Raja Sukhdev Singh Hospital management preferred to install two tunnels just for withdrawing huge funds. On the other hand, patients coming to hospital are forced to get medicines from medical shops which are having a major share with Doctors working in the hospital. What hospital management does with HDF funds has remained a biggest mystery for over a decade.  Hospital management needs to bring in public domain about funds used out of HDF over the years, because, huge blunders reportedly were carried out from HDF funds during the last six years, said sources. Regarding COVID-19 purchases from CMO, BMOs and Medicals Superintend, a high level inquiry is needed, because it’s a  question of tax payers money.

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