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Loss of Revenue record of Poonch town seems to be a bigger conspiracy; Will govt initiate ACB/CBI inquiry? – Poonch Today
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Loss of Revenue record of Poonch town seems to be a bigger conspiracy; Will govt initiate ACB/CBI inquiry?


Loss of Revenue record of Poonch town seems to be a bigger conspiracy; Will govt initiate ACB/CBI inquiry?

Loss of Revenue record of Poonch town seems to be a bigger conspiracy; Will govt initiate ACB/CBI inquiry?


POONCH: Massive revenue blunders scripted by various revenue officials over the years in Poonch district is a well known fact and in those blunders, even records of various government lands and buildings were changed and secretly allotted to few dutiful institutions under an appeasement policy of successive Kashmir centric regimes for vote bank politics. Record of various state lands and government buildings, Kacharai lands,  Defense lands, prime forest land in Poonch city and various agriculture lands was changed in favour of few dutiful institutions and later huge compensations were claimed illegally.  Many officials remained involved in thousands of illegal mutations over the years in Poonch district. Corrupt and shrewd revenue officials with the full support of big dutiful brains and a former minister under their planned agenda even befooled Army authorities by showing fake records and managed to take away huge compensation or other benefits from Army lands. The issue of illegal transfer of government lands and buildings on the name of stanch institutions shows that how revenue officials, right from Patwari  to ACR to top level on the  directions of their political masters murdered revenue record over the years. Still many government buildings and lands in Poonch city are under illegal occupation, thanks to a well planned nexus of revenue, stanch and political leaders, who, over the years, played havoc for their self interest with an agenda of working against the interest of the society. The recent development of loss of revenue records of village Sher Khas Poonch is just a tip of an iceberg as many massive revenue  frauds are still  lying beneath the carpet and only an inquiry of the level of ACB or CBI can bring in public domain the real facts and the  dubious role played by many revenue officials under which, many government buildings and lands were illegally transferred or illegal occupied in favour of few institutions. Highly placed sources in Revenue department told “POONCH TODAY” that those revenue officials who were previously holding charge of village Sher Khas  might be involved in this loss of record, because they wanted their continuance in village Sher Khas, but they were shifted out. Reportedly, even some revenue officials posted in Poonch district managed their fake entries in revenue record by purchasing lands in Flood zone and few other areas of Poonch city. Whatever may be the actual reason, it’s the duty of revenue and police authorities to ascertain the true facts provided an inquiry is started and completed with neutral mind.  The other day, Tehsildar Haveli sent a letter to SHO, police station Poonch with a request for lodging an FIR into the issue of loss of four registers of village Sher Khas. Has Tehsildar admitted some foul play in revenue department or is he saving his skin only? Only time will tell. Why the said Tehsildar never lodged FIR against other well known revenue blunders and why only this FIR over loss of four registers? So, his selective role is also under question. A high level inquiry is needed from government to ascertain the facts and moreover, all government buildings and lands, which were illegally transferred in revenue records and those government buildings (State and forest), which are still under illegal occupation must be brought back by the government. Those revenue officials, who were involved in such high profile frauds, must be brought to justice as they tried heavily to disturb peace and prosperity of Poonch district with their wrong intentions against the society. Were they doing such types of frauds under the directions of anti social elements? This needs to be investigated by the government through the office of Chief Secretary, Comm / Secy Revenue,  Divisional commissioner Jammu or high profile agencies.

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