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SSP Poonch issues strict warning to forces inimical to peace ahead of Shri Amarnath ji Yatra; Police will not tolerate disruption in peace: SSP – Poonch Today
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SSP Poonch issues strict warning to forces inimical to peace ahead of Shri Amarnath ji Yatra; Police will not tolerate disruption in peace: SSP


SSP Poonch issues strict warning to forces inimical to peace ahead of Shri Amarnath ji Yatra; Police will not tolerate disruption in peace: SSP

SSP Poonch issues strict warning to forces inimical to peace ahead of Shri Amarnath ji Yatra; Police will not tolerate disruption in peace: SSP



POONCH: On one hand, Union government and J&K UT government have started preparations for ensuring peaceful Shri Amarnath ji yatra and in this connection, Union Minister Amit Shah, the other day, chaired a high level meeting directing security agencies to provide full security cover during the entire yatra period.

In addition to this high profile yatra in Kashmir division, Poonch district is also going to witness the traditional Shri Budha Amarnath ji yatra, which remained suspended due to the issue of abrogation of Art 370 and COVID-19 and district administration activated itself  to ensure peaceful yatra. Going by the past history of Poonch district on account of various sensitivities, SSP Poonch Rohit Baskotra, while chairing a meeting of prominent citizens, the other day, gave a strict warning to forces inimical to peace that those, who will try to disturb the peaceful atmosphere will be dealt strongly as per the law. After assuming charge of SSP Poonch, this was the first strong reaction of SSP Rohit Baskotra keeping in view the security of the district. The immediate output of the strong reaction of SSP was seen in an important event in which those who were having the habit of giving unparliamentary sermons against the national interest were seen preferring silence and remained on proper track. Even after getting the news of life imprisonment to Yasin Malik, a few anti-social elements who were earlier booked by police a few years ago, planned a protest against the government by instigating the youth in a closed door meeting, but they failed to execute their plan on the ground.  Moreover, those forces which were eying disruption of peace following important political and related events at national level have also taken a back seat now for a while and it would be interesting to see how SSP Poonch Rohit Baskotra will deal with the upcoming challenge of ensuring peaceful yatra in the district in addition to dealing with major emerging security challenges expecting in near future. It is pertinent to mention here that during the last more than one decade, anti social and anti national elements tried   their best to suppress the Poonch administration by toeing the line of pro Kashmir leadership. Due to the wrong policies of few district police chief over the years, those having doubtful credentials and were deserving nothing were given undue value on wrong feedback given to police and as a result, forces inimical to peace remained successful in keeping a check on police top brass and did not allow them in taking a strict action against black sheep’s of society due to the backing of pro Kashmir centric leadership which remained at the helm of affairs in J&K mostly. Few multi faced personalities with questionable credentials who were considered as very close to police backstabbed police as they were script writers of 2008 and 2016 tragedies as the then police top brass failed to understand the real story behind the curtains because of their short sightedness and lack of professionalism.  These wrong forces were also having their men in police set ups for getting inside information, but on the front side of the curtains, they were close to police and unfortunately, the same practice still exists to some extent behind the curtains. If few SSPs remained a total failure in understanding the game plan of forces with doubtful integrity, but on the other hand, there were few SSPs  after 2017 onwards, who totally understood the game plan of forces inimical to peace and played a remarkable role in ensuring peace and victory of law and order during the most challenging situations. The strong foundation for peace was laid down by former SSP Poonch Rajiv Pandey after the 2016  yatra tragedy when peace was held hostage by anti-social elements due to the inefficiency of police. After Pandey, Ramesh Angral faced multiple challenges after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A and he too was instrumental in bringing Poonch out of the expected crisis well in advance. Both Pandey and Angral played according to the merit of the situation and laid a strong foundation for peace  in Poonch district which is otherwise considered as the most sensitive district. If Pandey scripted strategic deployment and coordination engineering during tough situations, then Angral during his posting as SSP Poonch while facing crucial hours had broken the back of anti social and anti national forces with his strong actions, although silently and as a result, Poonch witnessed total peace. Now, after suspension of the yatra for more than three years due to abrogation of Article 370 and COVID-19, J&K administration has geared itself to ensure a peaceful yatra following threats given by some militant organizations against the yatra. Sensing the gravity of the situation, SSP Poonch Rohit Baskotra in advance gave a strict warning to all anti social elements that those, who will try to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of Poonch on account of any issue, will be dealt strongly by the police and his strong reaction has reportedly given shock waves among those who are habitual of playing foul. After remaining quiet for a few months, SSP Rohit’s strong reaction has generated a debate in Poonch at various locations as people are seen discussing his brawny gesture. After the Yasin Malik episode of life imprisonment, police personnel were seen deployed at various sensitive locations of the Poonch city and this was an indication that police did its homework carefully and the same is needed further to ensure a peaceful atmosphere. However, implementing his decisions related to peace and security on the ground would be a tough task for SSP as a few of his subordinate officers are not considered as professionally strong and remained in news for various questionable practices. In addition to tackling the challenge of anti social and anti national elements, police officials need to show their performance in eliminating drug mafia and bovine smuggling, because capturing few vehicles for news purposes will serve no purpose as the menace of bovine smuggling and drug mafia need to be eradicated from the roots. Placing the right men for the right job should be the top priority of SSP Poonch going by the past history of Poonch district.  As mentioned earlier, the strong foundation for peace after 2016 disaster, initially laid down by Pandey, then strengthened further stalwartly by Ramesh Angral needs to be toughen more and more by Rohit Baskotra as there is every possibility that anti social and anti national forces may try to disturb this sensitive district on account of expected strong decisions in near future by the Union and J&K UT governments which are likely to be in national interest. Will Rohit Baskotra come nearer to the benchmark established by Pandey and Angral in ensuring a peaceful Poonch district? Only time will tell.





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