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Mind-Heart-Body Connection and Spirituality-Pillars of cardiovascular health: Dr Sushil – Poonch Today
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Mind-Heart-Body Connection and Spirituality-Pillars of cardiovascular health: Dr Sushil


Mind-Heart-Body Connection and Spirituality-Pillars of cardiovascular health: Dr Sushil

Mind-Heart-Body Connection and Spirituality-Pillars of cardiovascular health: Dr Sushil


RAJOURI: To strengthen their Campaign further to aware the common masses about the ill effects of Cardiovascular diseases Head Department of Cardiology, Government Medical College,  Jammu, Dr Sushil Sharma in collaboration with SVS Charitable trust conducted cardiac Awareness cum health check up Camp at SVS Degree College Rajouri.

The Camp was  inaugurated by Shri Shri 1008 Swami Vishwatamanand Ji Maharaj along with Dr Sushil Sharma amidst reverant and pious vedic invocations  for universal peace and health for all. At the outset, Shri Shri 1008 Swami Vishwatamanand Ji Maharaj told that Wellness is more than simply the absence of disease. It is an active process directed toward a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life and includes not only physical but also psychological and emotional dimensions. The related term well-being can be defined as one’s cognitive and affective evaluation and assessment of one’s life, including physical health, satisfaction, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment. Well-being serves as an umbrella term for the different valuations people make about their lives, including their physical and mental health, their financial position, their social supports and connectedness to community, their opportunities for growth and ability to achieve their goals, and a general sense of purpose and satisfaction with their life course.


While interacting with the people Dr Sushil emphasized  that spirituality and medical awareness can help improve quality of life for people with chronic diseases particularly with reference to cardiovascular diseases. Negative psychological health encompasses depression, chronic stress, anxiety, anger, pessimism, and dissatisfaction with one’s current life. Positive psychological health is also multifaceted and may be characterized by a sense of optimism, sense of purpose, gratitude, resilience, positive affect (ie, positive emotion), and happiness. Important goal of the treatment of chronic heart diseases is preserving and improving the quality of life by controlling the symptoms and promoting useful life activities. Coping with the new situation is key to achieving this important goal because living with heart related ailments and maintaining the treatment regimen are stressors with which patients must cope. He further maintained that the impact of religiosity on cardiovascular health reminds us as clinicians that a patient is not merely one or more physical disease states but a human being for whom we must consider not only physical but psychological aspects. Therefore, we must strive to reduce negative aspects of psychological health and promote an overall positive and healthy state of being. The mind, heart, and body are interconnected and interdependent. Factors, conditions, and disease states (both physical and psychological) that affect one of these three components of a person can affect the other two components. It is well established that systemic body factors and conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, can adversely affect the heart and the broader cardiovascular system, he said .


Others who were instrumental in this effort included  Dr Vidushi Badyal, Dr Shahbaz Khan, Dr Poonam Jagiasi, Dr Paras Khanna , Dr Amritpal Singh, Dr Shyam Singh, Dr Gurleen Kour , Dr Maneesh Sharma , Dr Kunal Sharma , Dr Sourab Gupta, Dr Mahesh Jagiasi , Dr Rimjhim and Dr Hari Om. Paramedics and volunteers, who were part of the team included Amnish Dutta , Rajinder Singh , Rohit Nayyar, Rahul Vaid , Nirvair Singh Bali and  numerous volunteers of the SVS Charitable Trust.


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